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We invite all email except spam, vulgarity, violence, and hate. If your email conforms to that,

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Mass produced mailings, whether on-topic or not. If you're sure enough it's on-topic, take one minute to email me personally.


Nudity, depiction of sex acts, or description of sex acts, or descriptions of the human body whose primary purpose is to arouse. Also use of "dirty words" (we all know what they are -- if in doubt don't use it.)


Acts which physically injure others or are intended to injure others, on any scale from a slap in the face to detonation of a nuclear device. Descriptions of such acts. Advocacy of such acts.

It can be argued that "no justice, no peace". While this was true in 1776 and a host of other times in history, it is the opinion of the Middle Class Survival Site that justice for the middle class is a long way from requiring violence.


The criticism or disrespect of people because of their religion. Also the criticism or disrespect of people because of their race, or any other factor of birth, or anything beyond their control.

In general it's considered on-topic to criticize and disrespect individuals and groups for their voluntary actions, not for what they are. Note that this website considers all forms of substance abuse to be voluntary, thus on-topic for criticism. We consider violent behavior voluntary, and thus on-topic for criticism.

Copyright (C)1997 by Steve Litt. -- Legal